Hello and thank you for considering House Of Tint School to help you understand the window tint industry and mould you into a professional and accomplished window tinter through our Window tint course.

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My name Is Travis Lang and I have been in the window tint industry for over 24 years and have trained many well-known accomplished tinters in our industry.

I have been installing window tint on a residential, commercial, and automotive basis in this time. We also install Paint Protection Film, PPF or Clearbra as it is also known as. Even after all these years I still have a passion for what I do and still makes me a smile to see my students evolve from having no experience, to being able to tint a whole vehicle on their own.


Our window tint training is very comprehensive and there are many components to Automotive window tinting. With the beginner in mind, we have tailored processes and techniques for you to learn which would normally take many years to hone those skills. Window tinting is an art and to be able to teach it correctly we must start with the basics to build a good solid foundation. In my advanced window tint training classes I will be able to coach you on how to overcome the obstacles that you may come across that is very different to the day to day basic Japanese built vehicles.

My training schedule has been designed and broken up into modules. We cater for the beginner that wants to jump start their career to either work in a window tint shop or start their own business. We are also able to train the more established tinters that want to refine their knowledge and take on the advanced course.

Tint Shop Owner

We also cater for the tint shop owner that does not have the time to train good staff that they have. Productivity and customer service will always be sacrificed when you have to focus your time on training new staff. That’s why we have broken our training up into modules so that we can focus on the specific training you require for your staff. Spending your own valuable time on training someone new with your own film will cost you not only film, but jobs you could be tinting.

Our results speak for themselves, and are achieved through teaching good work habits, how to be productive and minimise waste which is a major component in our industry. I teach through a repetition-based learning program. The methods that I have developed over the years are the key foundation on the success of the program.

Professional Tools

With our full comprehensive program for beginners, we will supply you with all the Professional tools required that I would use myself to get you operating as quickly and productively as possible. Our state of the art classroom will help fast track you into becoming a professional and respected tinter, and help you understand what sort of environment you need to be able to produce good quality installs on every car, all the time.

Our program is 95% hands on and very interactive. All of the programs we have available will have lunch provided.