Before protecting your vehicle, consider what protection options you would like. Some options affect others, so it’s important to get the order right so that you don’t have to undo or redo any of your hard work and/or lose the value of your money. For example, all of our products can be applied at any time however; paint protection film will not adhere correctly to your vehicles panels if there is a ceramic coating on them. This roof panel had a ceramic coating on it before PPF was installed. A quick blast from a high pressure cleaner and the film lifted off. Once the ceramic coating was removed, the film was replaced, and this problem has not happened since. Think of magnets, the right way around and they come together, the wrong way around and they push apart from each other. It’s the same with ceramic coating and PPF. The coating is designed to repel, and the film is designed to adhere, so in the wrong order, they just don’t go together. Ceramic coatings can be applied on top of the PPF though.

Trying to decide which option and order is the best way to go for your car? Call us for a quote and a chat, we’re only too happy to help out.





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