Paint Protection Film in Melbourne

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    Paint Protection Film in Melbourne, otherwise known as PPF or clear bra, is a polyurethane film that was originally developed for the military to protect helicopter rotor blades and other sensitive parts from the harsh desert sand. The film was applied to the leading edge of the rotors to prevent pitting and damage over time. The film was designed to be hard wearing and easily replaced as required. Just like many other military products, PPF moved through the industrial sector and has now become very popular in the Automotive industry.

    Paint Protection Film in Melbourne

    Since the days of the “helicopter tape” (as it was once known) Paint Protection Film has gone through advanced research and development to become the sleek, optically clear, invisible protective barrier that we see today.

    House of Tint specializes in providing paint protection film of the highest quality to ensure that the look of your car is maintained. With our PPF solutions, you can effectively shield your car from all forms of damage. The protective film or clear bra installed by us is amazingly durable and makes the perfect addition to your car. The flawless finish and quality service offered by us is second to none and you can always trust us for installations that beautifully protect your vehicle. With our experience and expertise, we can help you to reduce the maintenance needs of your vehicle by ensuring that it is well-protected from external damages.

    Paint Protection Film in Melbourne

    Still unsure? Read further to know what makes the paint protection film the ideal addition to your vehicle.

    Why Do I Need it?

    Paint Protection Film is an incredibly durable, clear urethane film that helps preserve your vehicle’s finish by protecting vulnerable painted surfaces from ‘wear and tear’ caused by common road hazards such as rocks, sand, bug acids, bird droppings, roadway debris and other environmental elements. Paint Protection Film is made of a 6 mil (.006”) thick clear urethane plastic (8 mil when you count the adhesive), which makes it extremely hard for objects to penetrate.

    The film we use to protect your vehicle not only looks fantastic with a gloss that will give your vehicle an amazing depth and shine, but it will keep your vehicle’s ORIGINAL paint looking immaculate year after year.

    The Self-Healing benefits of the products we use keep the surface of the film always looking new. To remove any swirl marks, scuffs and minor abrasions, you simply pour some hot water from the tap over the affected area, and the marks will disappear before your very eyes. Most importantly, the Paint Protection Film in Melbourne is protecting the vehicle’s original factory paint. No matter how good the panel shop is that you take your vehicle to, they will never be able to 100% replicate the paint on your affected panel.

    Cost Effective

    If a panel becomes chipped or scratched, a traditional approach would be to send it to a panel shop where they will need to colour match the paint and blend the colour into another panel. This can become very expensive and time consuming, and sometimes means that you will be without your vehicle for weeks at a time. The advantage of having a replaceable film is that each panel is easily replaced, and is usually completed in a matter of hours.

    The front of your vehicle’s painted surface is without question the most vulnerable section for stone chips and acid burns from bug spatter. Even the smallest environmental debris, including sand and dust, can destroy your vehicle’s paint and headlights. Paint Protection Film in Melbourne can almost eliminate these problems.

    Why Use House of Tint?

    We use state-of-the-art computer-cut software to pre-cut the perfect pattern for your vehicle. This means we don’t need to use knives to trim the Paint Protection Film on the vehicle’s painted surface. We take the time to finish the job professionally, minimising visible edges by wrapping and tucking in as many exposed edges as possible. This is a skill which sets us apart from many other installers, and makes the quality of our work look almost undetectable. With over 25 years’ experience in applying film to vehicles, our professional approach will give you the confidence that the correct preparation techniques are used to ensure the quality of the installation is dust and dirt free. We understand the process required to make your installation be virtually invisible and keep your paint safe, protecting your vehicle like a guardian angel.


    Paint Protection Film will give you years of protection when properly maintained. The ongoing maintenance is very simple and easier than looking after a painted surface. The surface of the film has a clear coat, just like your vehicle’s paint. The self-healing top coat should be cared for in the same manner. Insects, birds, or road residue should be removed promptly to reduce the possibility of staining or the acids etching into the film. After the installation, the film must cure for up to 30 days. Depending on humidity and temperature, the film can take time to fully cure. It’s a good idea to avoid touching the film as much as possible during this time. You may notice some bubbling right after installation, but this should go away as the curing process proceeds. Like window film, the film is applied with a film slip solution and needs to evaporate from in between the film and the paint. We recommend that you do not wash the vehicle in this period so that the edges of the film have time to bond to the painted surfaces. After the 30-day curing process you are able to wash the vehicle as normal using a PH neutral shampoo. You will need a soft lambswool wash mitt and use the 2-bucket wash method. If you use a high-pressure wash to clean your vehicle, you should keep the high-pressure nozzle at least 1 meter from the vehicle to prevent lifting of the film edge. House of Tint recommends to have our Paint Protection Film sealant applied after the installation to reduce the risk of pollution being absorbed into the film. This strengthens the barrier between the film and the outside elements. You are still able to wax your vehicle, and we recommend to do this on a regular basis. You will need to avoid polishes that contain dyes, or are resin or solvent based as they can distort the film over a period of time, creating a haze-like appearance. We recommend to overlap the film edge with ¼ inch painter’s masking tape (of course taking care upon removal). This will prevent any wax build‐up along the film edge. If tape is not available, use a soft cloth dipped in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to clean the edge. If you notice any surface scratches or swirl marks in the film, they will heal over time. To speed up the healing process you may pour warm water (not boiling) over the affected area, this will help the top layer of the film to morph back into its original state.­­

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