Twin Turbo Sleeper


Twin Turbo Sleeper

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Mercedes have always been at the forefront of luxury and performance and the addition of the AMG GLC 63s is no exception.
It’s a 4.0L, twin turbo, midsized SUV monster capable of 0-100 in 3.8 Seconds delivering a whopping 375kw or 510 HP in the old book.
It rolls on 21 inch wheels, rides on air suspension, and in the cockpit, in addition to the usual heads-up display and adaptive cruise control is has been refined with Nappa Leather begging for our leather protection and timber trimmings to accentuate where luxury and performance go hand in hand.

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When most people buy a new car, they can’t wait to get it on the road and drive it. There is often a delay with delivery times, and some customers have told us that they have had to wait months to receive their new vehicles… so you can understand their desire when they finally get to take possession of it to just get in and go.
Kai bought a brand-new Mercedes GLC 63S. He drove it directly to House Of Tint.
Xpel’s film patterns are second to none, comprehensive and fit like a glove. Occasionally there are panels that are not yet in the system, so Travis is able to make templates and import them into the computer so that we can cut them with our Graphtec plotter. This provides the film with neat, straight lines, and reduces the chances of cutting into the paintwork by bulk fitting film.
Kai has also invested in peace of mind with Rayno’s S7 window tint. The latest, technologically advanced Nano Carbon Ceramic window film provides high heat reduction, 99% UV protection and 70% Infrared Heat reduction. Kai chose the lighter S7 40% to reduce a really good amount of the direct heat through the glass, but so as to not interfere too much with his vision out of the windows, especially at night.

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To top it all off, the interior of the vehicle, where Kai will spend many hours in comfort will be protected with Gtechniq’s Interior protection coating. Abrasion resistance, dye transfer prevention and hydrophobic functions will all assist to keep the inside of this beautiful GLC looking new for years to come.
For full vehicle protection, the professionals at House Of Tint have you covered.

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