Luxury 2018 Volvo XC60 Receives House Of Tint’s Elite Package

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Luxury 2018 Volvo XC60 Receives House Of Tint’s Elite Package

For many years Volvo has had a name for being safety conscious and mechanically sound but lacking style, performance and the overall look of elegance and sophistication. Well, Volvo now has something to be proud of. The XC60 has had a makeover!

The XC60 is a luxury mid-sized SUV with a refined chiselled look, 20” wheels and an improved, simplified interior that makes your body become one with it. Car Advice web page had this to say “the all-new XC60 is a model that doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not: it is a luxury-focused mid-sized SUV, one that aims to offer a premium and upmarket driving experience, with good space, an elegant and technical interior, and a level of driving dynamism that, while perfectly suited to this type of car, is not necessarily going to sway buyers who want a sports car on stilts.”

With this in mind, it’s no wonder the owners of this beautiful Denim Blue example wanted to treat it to House Of Tint’s Elite Package. The Elite Package consists of Gtechniq Crystal Serum, Rayno S9 Window Tint And Gtechniq Interior protection. This is perfect for your brand new vehicle and with the use of our high grade Ceramic products we prepare it for life on the road which will preserve the paint work and keep the car looking newer for longer.

The first thing we do is completely decontaminate the exterior surface of the car with a foam decontamination wash. This leaves the paint ready for the 2-stage wash and the surface correction stage.

news - Graphtec-rayno-cut-film.jpg

Graphtec plotter cutting out Window Film

Once it’s cleaned, it is ready for window tint. House of Tint computer cuts the window film so we don’t use blades to cut film on your glass. The film this customer chose is our top of the line Rayno S9. With its superior IR heat rejection (92%), it will definitely make this luxury car look a little classier!

news - weeding-out-Rayno-Tint.jpg

Computer cut tint

Once the kit is cut out, the “weeding” process begins. This is where we cut the individual door glass tint from the roll and we remove the excess film from around the edges to make sure we have the perfect cut.

news - Volvo_xc60_window_tint.jpg

Shaping Rayno Tint to XC60 doors

news - Heat_shrinking_rear-window_volvo_XC60.jpg

Computer Cut Heat forming on rear window

The window film is then put on the outside of the glass to shape the tint to the glass on the car so it becomes a perfect fit. This is what we call the heat-forming stage. The Heat-Forming or Heat-Shrinking stage is a very important part of the process, and is crucial for the rear window tint application.  The rear window requires the most amount of heat-shrinking due to its size and more complex curve and shape.

news - Installing_rayno_tint.jpg

One piece Rayno S9 Installation

Once the glass is prepared for the new car window tint installation, the rear screen is applied in one sheet of film to give the finish of a dark factory glass.

news - Window_tint_knife-_trim.jpg

Close shave window tint trim

…and the top of the door glass is micro edged by hand to give the edge of the glass a seamless finish.

news - Polishing_panel_with_flex_polisher.jpg

Paint Correction on XC60

news - Light_scratches_in-Volvo.jpg

Buffing out light scratches


news - Volvo-scratches-removed.jpg

Paint corrected on Volvo XC60

Now that the tinting is done and the surface is clean, we begin correcting the paint to remove the light scratches and swirl marks that new car dealers do not always have the resources to rectify.

Some before and after shots of the light scratches we removed from most of the paint work. You can really notice it under our detailing lights.


news - Paint-Protection-Film-Door-cup-protection.jpg

Door Cup Protection

news - Applying-door-edges.jpg

Door Edge Protection


With the paint correction done we can then apply any paint protection film that needs to be done. Installing a basic wear and tear pack can protect your car from accidental bumps and scrapes. The film is thick enough to endure daily bumps and marks to constantly protect your paint work, and has the ability to always look new due to the self healing property’s in the scratch coat.

news - Crystal-Serum-Ultra.jpg

news - Ceramic-Coating.jpg

With all the paintwork polished and the Xpel Paint Protection Film applied, we apply the final Ceramic Coating. Gtechniq Crystal Serum is  a Ceramic coating that gives your paint work a luscious depth and super high shine. It protects your paint from dirt, brake dust, iron contaminants, bugs, bird droppings, tar, and all sorts of environmental contaminants. Crystal Serum coating works by increasing your paints hardness by up to 10H (Mohs scale) beyond the original surface hardness. This product gives your paint amazing durability and longevity so you wont need to use waxes and polishes to maintain the shine.  It will also make the car easier to clean and help to keep maintenance to a minimum.

news - Crystal-Serum-Ultra-Volvo.jpgCrystal Serum Ultra comes with a warranty from Gtechniq, when applied to newer vehicles. This warranty specifically covers product failure that results in damage to your vehicle’s paint. This warranty lasts for 9 years. To keep the warranty in good standing, the vehicle must be cared for per Gtechniq’s warranty guidelines.

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