Comparing Quotes

Compare Apples with Apples

Comparing Quotes

So you have a beautiful ride and you want to protect it… but where do you start?

When there are so many options to choose from it can be hard to make sense out of it all.

When comparing quotes for Window Tinting, Paint Protection Film or Paint Protection and Interior Protection Coatings, there are a few things to watch out for and take into consideration, but they can all be put into one simple category:

… are you comparing ‘apples with apples’?Compare Apples with Apples

This tint company says they can tint my car for $200… but you are quoting me $495 – WHY?

 I got quoted $4500 for a full PPF wrap… but you are quoting me $7000 – WHY?

 The dealer is charging me $695 for Paint and Interior protection… but you are quoting me $1200 – WHY?

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Sure, all darkest legal window tint gives you privacy.  Sure, window tint also gives you 99% UV protection.  However, other factors to take into account include what material is the film made up of, how much heat rejection will it provide, how good is the integrity of the adhesive, what environmental conditions will it be subjected to and how will the tint stand up to that, how good will the installation be, will there be gaps or bubbles, how quickly will it fade or change colour or see adhesive failure etc…?

Bad Tint Dirt and Gaps

Gaps and Dirt in Window Tint

Bad Bubbled Tint

Failing Window Tint

Tint No Dirt Or Gaps

No Gaps and No Dirt in Window Tint

Sure, all Paint Protection Films will protect your paintwork to a degree from stone chips and scratches, but to what degree?  Will the film yellow over time, how thick is it, is it self-healing, how good is the adhesive, what is the warranty period, how good will the installation be, will the film be computer cut, if the film is cut on the car will the blade go through the film and into the paintwork, will the edges be wrapped, is the installer accredited etc.

PPF Cut Through Paint

Paintwork Scratched from Hand Cutting on Car

Bad PPF Finish

Unfinished Edges

Computer Cut PPF Kits

PPF Perfect Kit

Computer Cut Kits for a Neat Edge and No Damage to Paintwork

Sure, all Paint Protection and Interior Protection Coatings will give your vehicle’s paintwork and interior that ‘new car look’ for longer, and will probably make it easier to clean for a period of time.  Exactly how long will that new look last for, exactly how much easier will it be to keep my car clean, will I need ‘top up’ applications and how often and at what cost, will the application wear off over time and how quickly, what is the warranty on the product and does the product actually work etc…?

Paint Protection Comparison

Comparison of Paint Protection Chemical Types

There are certainly differences in the quality of each product, so are your quotes based on similar products, or completely different ones?

There is also a difference in regards to preparation and installation practices.  Will the car be in a clean and safe environment, will it be prepped and cleaned correctly, disassembled and reassembled correctly, will time and care be taken to remove as much contamination as possible before installation to ensure the cleanest humanly-possible job, will the “1%ers” be put in to protect your vehicle and to present it back to you in a way that makes you say “Wow!”?

Clean Workshop

Clean Workshop

PPF Wrapping Edges

Wrapping Edges


Protecting Vehicle Interiors During Installation

Xpel Paint Protection Film

The WOW Factor

Everyone wants a good price, but what does price mean to you?  Is it the cheapest price that you need?  Or is it value for the money you are spending?

There will always be a cheaper, a medium and a most expensive option for every purchasable item, the question that needs to be asked is-

what value will I get for MY money?

Value vs Price

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