When choosing your PPF installer, it always pays to check out their work first. You want to know that you are going to get what you pay for, as well as getting value for the money you are going to invest. Prices can vary a bit, and for many people who are new to finding out about PPF, this can be quite confusing. Here’s a quick guide to PPF pricing variances:

There are many different films available on the market. Some are thinner and designed for short term protection. Some are super thick but have yellowing and cracking issues. Some shrink over time revealing film edges and paintwork underneath. Some have shorter warranty periods, some longer. Some come with a database of patterns for computer-cutting, some don’t. Some databases are comprehensive, others aren’t.

At House Of Tint & Paint Protection Film we have chosen to use XpelUltimate Plus and Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film for our Premium and Bespoke installations. We have been using this film for over 8 years. We have tried many other brands, and have found pros and cons with all the films we have used. We settled on using XpelPPF for a few reasons, but mostly because it has the best finish we have seen, it’s thickness holds up really well to impact, and the database of patterns are the most comprehensive. Add to that the dealer network of like-minded, trained and accredited installers, and a worldwide presence that is unrivalled, and the decision to use Xpel was pretty clear.

Like many industries, different installers have varying degrees of experience, knowledge and training when it comes to PPF application. Finding an accredited, trained and experienced installer is a must when it comes to protecting the integrity of your vehicle. Will the installer be bulk-fitting and cutting the film on the car? Will they be computer-cutting the film for installation to reduce the need to cut the film on the car? Do they have assembly/disassembly experience so that if they remove a part from your vehicle for installation purposes, the part is put back in the vehicle correctly? Does the owner do installations and have that knowledge and experience or is all the work done by the employees? Can the shop create their own patterns so as not to have to bulk-fit and cut film on the car?

Travis is the owner of House Of Tint & Paint Protection Film. He has nearly 30 years of experience with tinting cars, creating relationships with Car Dealerships/Panel Shops/Repair Centres/other Installers over this time, and is a great go-to guy for problem solving. Travis has completed the Australian Xpel PPF training course to become an accredited installer, has a great relationship with the Australian trainer, and has spent time with the US Xpel trainers as well.This has given him the ability to continue to learn and teach himself‘on-the-job’ and continue to improve his installations, as well as giving him the knowledge of vehicle assembly/disassembly required for PPF installations, and to know where that extra 1% will be required to set our installations apart from others..

All good installers will at least wash your car before they wrap your vehicle. A clean vehicle lends to a clean installation.

At House OfTint & Paint Protection Film we have always known that ‘preparation is the key everything’!!! Window Tint is such a visible product that every imperfection can be seen. 30 years of being highly tuned in to the preparation process to reduce imperfections has easily been transferred to our PPF installation process. This is super important because installing a clear film means anything left underneath it will be seen! Each panel goes through at least 5cleaning processes before film installation. Panel Edges are specifically targeted to get the best result for film adhesion to reduce these areas from lifting.

As important as the preparation process, a clean and neat workshop with bright lighting and little air movement also lends to a clean installation. Not only that, but a temperature-controlled environment also assists with the ease of film handling and installation (too hot and the PPF becomes too soft, too cold and the film becomes harder and more rigid to handle).

At House Of Tint & Paint Protection Film we knew this would be the case, so we set our studio up with enough light and brightness for the best visibility for installations. We installed a second roller door to reduce outside weather movement from impacting the workshop environment, and heating and cooling to keep the temperature just right. Our workshop is cleaned everyday, and dirty vehicles are always cleaned before they are driven inside, reducing contamination.

Competitor Finish

House Of Tint Finish

Installation levels and finishes vary based on experience, knowledge, training and care. Will the PPF look like it’s there, or will you not be able to see it at all? Will the edges be wrapped? Will the badge and sensor cut-outs be too big or just right? What level of contamination under the film will be present? Will the film have been hand-cut and the blade gone through the paint underneath?

At House Of Tint & Paint Protection Film we pride ourselves on the finish we provide our customers. If our customers want a Bespoke finish, we will spend many extra hours measuring the vehicle and manipulating the patterns to make the finish as seamless and invisible as possible.If our customers want a Premium finish, we will still make changes to improve the pattern for a better fit. We have always believed that it’s that extra 1% that sets us apart from our competition.Many installers do a good job, but will a good job be enough for you… or do you want a great job?

At House Of Tint & Paint Protection Film, we firmly believe in researching your options, understanding the differences (are you comparing apples with oranges?), asking questions, checking things out, and then ‘going with your gut’. Do you feel comfortable with your decision? Do you trust your choice? PPF is an investment for your investment. Choose wisely for your peace of mind. Choose House Of Tint & Paint Protection Film.

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