Car Window Tinting North Ringwood

We all know the benefits of car window tinting, but when it comes to choosing the right car window tinting service near Ringwood, that’s a whole different ball game altogether.

House of Tint is a family owned car window tinting service in Melbourne. We offer a wide range of high quality window tinting products so you can choose a product that’s perfect for you.

Over 40 Years of Experience

With a combined experience of over 40 years in the window tinting industry, our team assures of you a high quality finish every time. Over the years, we have tinted more than 60,000 cars of diverse makes and models.

Our state of the art window tinting studio near Ringwood not only features a cosy waiting area, it also features a contained space where we fit your chosen window tint professionally. There’s a remarkably limited scope for dirt or dust to make its way between the window and the film, which ensures a fit and finish you will certainly be proud of.

Imagine how your car windows would look if there were bubbles, bumps or lumps popping out here and there! That would totally ruin your car’s looks and appeal, which means you’d have to get the entire job done again!

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When you choose House of Tint, expect a perfect fitting tint without any bubbles, lumps or bumps. That’s our assurance.

Car Window Specialists near North Ringwood

We offer a wide range of car window tint films to keep your car cool and comfortable during the summer. Car tinting not only enhances the visual appeal of your car, it brings you that much-needed privacy too. We also offer high quality paint protection film at our studio near North Ringwood. No matter what you’re looking for, House of Tint has the perfect window tinting solution for you at our studio near Ringwood.

Bring your car to our studio for a professional, high quality window tinting service close to Ringwood.

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