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    We understand that everyone will have different needs from a window film. Whilst window films will provide you with heat rejection, privacy, and aesthetic appeal, please bear in mind that not all window films offer you the same levels of quality and protection. We believe that our hand selected range of window tinting products will give you the very best protection available. Our very select range are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and give you two very functional characteristics, Static and Mechanical.


    The static performance of our range produce results beyond many of our competitors.

    The Australian climate can be very unforgiving when it comes to skin damage. The ozone layer over Australia has thinned 5-9% since the 1960’s leading to more UV (Ultra-Violet) radiation reaching the earth. UV radiation combined with solar and IR (Infra-Red) radiation are directly linked to skin cancer. It is not surprising that Australia has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

    We have products that deliver SPF (Sun Protection Factor) ratings of over 200+, reduce UV radiation by 99% and IR heat reduction by up to 99%. Considering that most window films in the Australian market will provide on average 40-60% IR reduction, this is compelling data.

    All of our window films are scientifically tested and measured to give you and your family the protection you need from the harsh Australian sun. Our range of products offer you the very best in window film technology including Ceramic, Carbon and Metal based products. These materials not only protect you and the occupants of your vehicle, but also the trim, upholstery, and carpets from fading and cracking from UV radiation.

    Due to the huge IR reduction of our products the main thing you will notice is the car will not heat up as quickly nor get as hot as other products on the market. Quite simply, our window films work!

    In all of the products we use there are multiple shades to choose from including our 70% VLT (Visual Light Transmission) range, which is almost clear. These products are perfect for our clients that are not comfortable with darker glass but want to enjoy the benefits of our incredible heat and UV reduction products.


    The added strength of our window film products when fitted to the glass in your vehicle creates a protective barrier between you and the glass. Many people have been injured from broken glass in an automobile accident or heavy impact with the glass. Unlike the windscreen which is laminated glass, the side windows are made from toughened glass which is designed to shatter when broken. This shattered glass can cause possible injury. The adhesive on all of our products is so aggressive that when the side glass is broken, our products assist to hold the glass together protecting you and anyone else in the vehicle.

    At House of Tint, we specialize in offering quality films which are professionally installed by our experts for a flawless finish. If you are looking for the best car window tinting solutions, we have the perfect one for you. Our window tint not only shields your vehicle’s interior from sun damage but also enhances its appearance. Our range of car window tint ensures the perfect finish and you can completely trust us for tinting solutions of the highest standards.

    Planning to tint a car? You are on the right platform. With our unrivaled window tinting service, we are here to offer you the best possible finish.

    If you have any tint related queries, feel free to reach out to our team. We will be happy to assist you.

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