Car Window Tinting Hawthorn

Window tinting has immense benefits. It boosts your car’s visual appeal. Further, it reduces the glare entering your car while protecting you from the UV rays. Moreover, it offers privacy and keeps your car cooler.

Visit House of Tint for high quality car window tinting Hawthorn. We only use premium window tinting film and treat your car like our own to provide an excellent quality finish. With a huge variety of films in stock, we can provide sound advice when it comes to choosing the perfect tint for your car.

Car Window Tinting Hawthorn Specialists

When you want to enjoy all the benefits of window tinting, it is important to choose a good quality film. The market is flooded with cheap quality films that can turn purple in no time, may leave bubbles behind and may not last long.

At House of Tint, we bring to you the very best car window tinting products including Johnsons, Rayno, 3M, Hanita and Suntek.

In addition, we offer a variety of colours to choose from so you can choose the perfect tint that suits your car and taste. Whether you prefer a lighter shade or a darker tone, we can offer the right solution while also ensuring that you comply with the new VLT regulations in Victoria.


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At House of Tint, we specialise in car window tinting and assure you of high quality products, expert advice and a customised solution. Our car window tinting Hawthorn experts are fully trained. Our studio boasts state of the art equipment and tools. When you visit House of Tint, expect the best of service at every step of the way.

Whether you are looking for car window tinting or car paint protection Hawthorn service, visit our studio today for a high quality solution.