To really reap the rewards of window tinting especially in Melbourne, choosing the right film can be a difficult task.

Temperatures can fluctuate from one day to the next, and some days it can be too hot to even get inside the car after it has been in the sun all day. In Melbourne, you will need a window tinting solution that can offer you products that slow down the rapidly increasing temperatures in your car and make you more comfortable as you drive.

Another important factor to consider is a window tinting service, and a product that is backed up with a lifetime warranty. This will give you the piece of mind knowing that you’re not only protected with a quality window film, you have the support of a professional Window Tint company which House Of Tint is very focused on.


There are many companies in the local Melbourne area that will offer you many products and services that look great for the first 6 months, but they unfortunately fail in a short period of time. Because there are so many companies around, choosing the right installer has never been so important.

Once you have sourced a quality window tint that will suit your requirements, the next step is to find an installer with the finesse required to give you a quality window tinting installation, with no bubbles or gaps. With over 40 years of experience installing window film, House Of Tint has a great understanding of what products are available to suit your needs. Take a look at our Facebook page which will give you current work being done and give you access to reviews and posts.

Contact the team at House of Tint to help you choose a product that not only looks great, but keeps you cooler as well.

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