Tips To Maintain Car Window Tints

Once you have made the decision to invest in Window Tint for your car, there are some simple tips to follow for window tint maintenance to keep good condition of your window film.

Here are our car tinting maintenance tips:

  • Before cleaning the windows, always wait 4 weeks for the curing process to take place, which allows the film to completely bond to the glass. Window tint is applied to glass with a liquid solution, and whilst all efforts are made to push out this liquid during the installation process, some will be left behind, as the pressure required to push all of the moisture out can be enough to break the glass. Whilst the film is curing, the film can still move around on the glass, so it is always safest to wait for the film to completely bond to the glass before cleaning.
  • Always wait for 2 days before using the windows. This allows the edges to cure and reduces the chances of peeling when winding the windows up and down.
  • Always use a soft rag (microfiber, flannel etc..). NEVER use newspaper, rough paper towel etc.. as these can damage the scratch coat of the window tint film and leave your windows with unsightly marks.
  • Use a light mist of Window Tint Conditioner, a specifically designed Window Tint Cleaner, or a gentle cleaner such as Methylated Spirits/ Dishwashing Detergent / Vinegar. NEVER use harsh chemicals, particularly ammonia, as they can damage the layers of the window tint film which will reduce its performance abilities and affect the warranty. Some of the impacts of harsh chemicals on window film can include breaking down the scratch coating causing it to flake, and affecting the dye component, making it change colour or become cloudy.
  • Cleaning Window tint is easier than cleaning glass, which makes life just that little bit easier.

Maintaining car tint condition will be a breeze when you follow these simple tips.

car window tinting Melbourne
car window tinting Melbourne

Our tips can also apply to other types of window tint applications, including homes, offices, boats etc.

Many of our customers notice how dirty the outside of their windows are once window tint has been applied to their windows. It is interesting to note that once you have your windows tinted, you will start to become aware of them. Usually windows are used to look through not at, so when people get their windows tinted, they will begin to look at their windows because there is now something there for them to take notice of. It is helpful to know that our window tint maintenance tips for cleaning your tinted windows will also work well on the outside of your windows too. Of course, if the window tint has been applied to the inside of your windows, you can always use more aggressive cleaning methods on the opposite side of the glass, with the peace of mind that your window tint will safe from damage.

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