Experience and expertise make removing window tint a breeze. The professionals at House Of Tint are the solution for you when it comes to removing tint from car windows.

Whilst you may think that removing window tint film from windows sounds easy, there are many technical elements to the removal process.

From removing or protecting door trims and seals, using tools that won’t scratch the glass, choosing the right chemicals and protective equipment, there is quite a bit involved than simply just pulling off the film.


So, to reduce the chance of accidental damage to your car, let House of Tint do the work for you. We can then tint a car in one of our prestige Ceramic Window Tints, giving you quality protection from the sun’s harmful Ultra Violet and Infra-Red rays, and enhancing the aesthetics of your car.

Call us today and find out how House Of Tint can be the window tint removal solution for you: 0398724206

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