There are varying levels of quality when it comes to Paint Protection Film, and as with Window Tint, you do get what you pay for in terms of performance. This is why House Of Tint chooses to use Xpel’s range of Paint Protection Films in our Studio. Xpel’s Paint Protection Film comes with the only 10-year warranty because of its amazing self -healing properties and the longevity of its film, but over and above this, Xpel’s patterns are second to none. It is the perfectly fitting patterns along with a high level of care and attention to detail that then make the installation standout above the rest. Paint Protection Film - Price Vs Quality Whilst there are varying degrees of quality in regards to Paint Protection Film, this is most definitely true when it comes to workmanship. Tony had the right idea to protect his Porsche Cayenne with Paint Protection Film… the problem, however, was in the installation. Sometimes saving a little at the beginning will cause you to spend a lot in the end. Tony bought his Cayenne to us at House Of Tint so that we could remove the film that had been installed and replace it with Xpel’s Ultimate Paint Protection Film. Upon removal of the existing film, the original installation of a Partial Front End kit revealed some deep cuts in the paintwork on the bonnet and front guards of Tony’s Cayenne. This is because the film was hand-cut in the car.


At House Of Tint we cut Xpel’s patterns out on our Graphtec plotter. The precision of the blade and the fit of the patterns allow for the film to fit in a panel within a couple of millimetres of the edge, or with edges that wrap around a panel, such as the door or the bonnet. It also allows us to cut partial sections so that we do not have to hand-cut the film on the car.


Full Bonnet, Guards & Mirrors Partial Bonnet, Guards and Mirrors


Once the existing film was removed, we cut and polished the damaged areas of the Cayenne to bring the paintwork back as best we could to a clean, scratch-free surface. Some of the cut lines were too deep and will require the panels to be repainted.

The quality of the new coverage of Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film on the Full Front End of Tony’s Cayenne compared to the existing film that was on his car speaks for itself.

Existing Damaged Film on Headlight New Xpel Fitted Headlight Film In the end, Tony has paid for a Partial Front End coverage on his Cayenne, the removal of that installation, and the new installation of a Full Front-End Paint Protection Film Coverage. Other costs can include paint correction, and as a worst case, repainting of panels. That old adage “you get what you pay for” can certainly be true when it comes to protecting your pride and joy. Donna Summer ‘worked hard for her money’, and we are sure that you do too. Don’t throw it away with the thought of saving a couple of dollars, but rather make sure that you get value out of the dollars that you spend.

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