Black Window Tinting For Limousines

Elegance, grandeur, exclusivity, luxury, style…. these are all words that come to mind when you think of a limousine.

Limo window tinting is available to certain types of vehicles, and is designed for maximum privacy.

Private travel is all the more private when you are sitting in a vehicle with dark limo window tint. It is quite exciting being invisible to the outside world, watching onlookers wondering about ‘who is in that limo?’, and then seeing their reactions when you step out of the vehicle at your special event. Maintaining the mystery of who is in the vehicle and what they are wearing is so easy with limo tint.

Many new vehicles in the Australian market are now being sold with “Privacy Glass”, which many people equate to “limo tint”. This glass is manufactured with a colour through it to give it that dark limo look. As opposed to glass that has this look, black window tinting for limousines can actually provide protection from both Ultra Violet radiation as well as from heat. Of course, limo tint also provides fabulous privacy and glare reduction, and it can help to hold the glass together in the event of breakage, which therefore keeps the occupants of the vehicle safer too.

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Dark limo window tint can also be used for many commercial vehicles, and is a great way to protect prying eyes from your tools of the trade or the stock you carry in your vehicle. To see whether your vehicle is legally allowed to have limo window tint on its windows head to your State’s road traffic authority for further information and clarification. If in doubt, the helpful team at House Of Tint will be able to provide the answers for you.

Window tint films for buildings and houseboats are available to give that private limo tint look as well. The benefits of dark films in these applications is dramatic glare reduction, heat and UV reduction, and of course, superior privacy. There are no legal restrictions when applying dark limo type window tint to a building or most of the windows on a houseboat.

Comfort, safety and privacy are the 3 standout benefits that limo window tinting is able to provide you. Having your limo window tint applied by the experts at House Of Tint also provides you with peace of mind that you are having quality limo tint films installed with a superior quality finish, that will last for years to come.

The professionals at House Of Tint have your privacy needs covered. Let us make your vehicle look as stylish as you do. Why not call them now for a personalised quote on 03 9872 4206.