My Name is Travis Lang, and I am the owner and operator of House Of Tint.

House Of Tint is a family run business with nearly 40 years of combined experience between myself and my wife, Trish Lang. We have been working tirelessly in the industry to perfect the art of Window Tinting, and create better processes of doing things that benefit both the customer and the installer. Professional Car Window Tinting Melbourne has been the backbone for House Of Tint for many years. Over my time in the industry I have personally tinted over 30,000 cars.

House Of Tint carefully select the best performing products from around the globe. This includes Window Tint, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Paint Protection products and Interior Protection products. House Of Tint prides itself on being at the forefront of new technology, techniques and processes, and our high quality and fastidious techniques has the company well respected amongst its peers. With over 26 years’ experience in the trade it has been easy for me to identify the massive skills shortage in our industry, which is why I have created a window tint school. High quality window tinting is an art form that very few are able to master, let alone practice on a daily basis, and it is this quality that we deliver to our customers. And since tinting is art, we understand the details, technique, and principles of what we do and only use the best films and equipment available. Our goal goes beyond protecting your vehicle. We aim to exceed your expectations and give you an experience you will want to come back for. We look forward to meeting you, to devoting our time to you, and to enhancing every vehicle as though it were our own.
Travis Lang
Owner and Installer





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